Dorotheum – The leading auction house in the heart of Europe – for the highest demands

Europe’s largest auction house – for the highest demands

With the most successful auctions in its history, the Dorotheum attracts great attention. Record results in the leading art categories, world records and top prices achieved by the Dorotheum for its clients are the focus of attention.

More than 300 years after its foundation by Emperor Joseph I, the Dorotheum in Vienna is by far the largest auction house in the German-speaking world, the leader in Central Europe and also one of the oldest and largest auction houses in the world. International expansion has contributed to its recent successes: Branches and representative offices can now be found in Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan, Rome, London, Prague and Brussels, where previews of the top lots of the auctions are held regularly.

Welcome to the Palais Dorotheum!

Discover a piece of Austrian history in the over 300-year-old walls of the Dorotheum. It is the oldest among the world’s major auction houses and the leader in Central Europe.

Whether contemporary art or Old Masters, 19th century paintings or classical modernism, jewellery or antiques – record results in the leading art categories always cause a great stir.

Professionalität und Qualität die überzeugt

Highlights of the year are the large auctions of Old Masters and 19th century paintings, classical modern art, contemporary art as well as antiques, silver, art nouveau, jewellery and watches.

Special auctions in a total of more than 40 categories, from design, porcelain, glass and photography to historical scientific instruments, imperial houses, stamps, coins, books and autographs demonstrate the diversity of the house and bring art lovers and collectors from all over the world to the Dorotheum. More than 100 experts are on hand to share their specialist knowledge.

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