Luxury wall paints from CAPAROL ICONS

With style, charm, imagination and passion: holistic Interior design with luxurious wall paints from CAPAROL ICON

120 high-quality, rich shades of timeless modernity: that is the collection of of CAPAROL ICONS. It turns colour into an architectural element – as a part of a holistic interior design, the highly pigmented colours of colours of CAPRAL ICONS bring style and a feel-good atmosphere to any room.

At the same time the young brand draws on the experience of its parent company, the traditional house of CAPAROL from the Odenwald. It guarantees the highest quality and sustainability made in Germany. Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of building paints will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2020 and is responsible for numerous milestones in paint development. A mirror of our colour culture – colours as part of our collective attitude to life

– NO 60 ODE TO JOY –

125 years of experience and a committed owner family

If you were looking for suitable luxurious wall paints for a high-quality interior, for a long time quality made in Germany.

This changed in 2017 with the end consumer brand CAPAROL ICONS. The company, which was founded by the owner’s family, Dr. Ralf Murjahn together with his sister, the art historian Annika Murjahn. The collection of luxury wall paints reflects the special love of colour as a product and the and the know-how and innovative strength of the company that has grown over the last 125 years.


CAPAROL ICONS: a new innovative formulation

During several years of development work for CAPAROL ICONS in the research and development department at the company’s headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany a completely newly formulated paint formula with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

  “Our tradition, our knowledge and our enthusiasm for colour are for colour are in every can of CAPAROL ICONS. We also say: Beloved Paint”, says Dr. Ralf Murjahn. The highest demands on environmental friendliness, health and sustainability CAPAROL ICONS combines the highest standards of environmental friendliness, health and sustainability with a passion for colour and with the claim to offer exceptional quality and to create particularly surfaces with an incomparably velvety feel and look appearance. A lot of noble binder allows a particularly high pigmentation, which is up to 100% higher than that of conventional products. The special formula makes the colours particularly deep, luminous and intense. The entire range is water-based, solvent-free, plasticiser-free, odourless and and suitable for children’s toys according to the strictest German standards.


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