Marta Sala Éditions: Design as DNA and Beauty as Legacy

Marta Sala Éditions is the story of one woman’s vision and confidence in its realisation

Born and bred in design, brought up since childhood by a strong family aesthetic, Marta Sala grew up with a mother in constant research of harmony and perfection: “since a young age, I was lucky enough to accompany my mother or her production manager to the craftsmen’s workshops and there, to follow from conception to birth, the evolution of a piece of furniture, from its design until the finished object“.

Marta was born into one of the most iconic families of Italian design, Azucena, created in 1947 by the architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni, her uncle, Ignazio Gardella, Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua and owned by her aunt Franca and her mother, Maria Teresa Tosi. The preoccupations of form and function, quality and beauty, have been part of Marta’s world before she can remember. Design is in her DNA.

In 2015, Marta created her brand, Marta Sala Éditions (MSÉ), to tell her own design stories

It was not until 2015 that Marta Sala decided to reinterpret her family tradition in  for a new generation, to update the concept of architects drawing furniture, produced and checked by her:

“1950s design corresponded to an Italian or European upbringing, culture, way of life and influences one’s attitude. Today, Marta Sala says,”design travels across the whole world, with its multitude of cultures and behaviours. So we have to create nomadic high quality objects and pieces of furniture, with a freedom of use, positioned as it suits to any client and lived as they fancy it. Quality design is a niche that travels now 360 degrees, Marta Sala Éditions reaches many countries of the world, with which we must create a bond of culture and recognition, and at the same time, we still produce haute couture“.

For her brand, to her name that highlights her personal commitment, Marta added “Éditions”, she doesn’t work with single pieces, she builds up collections, deciding a precise theme of inspiration: The Secret Soul of Useful Things, The Rule of Detail, Déclinaisons, Frames, Rooms, the titles of MSÉ collections represent well her spirit and her creative imperative, shaped by the Bauhaus philosophy.

Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, the first MSÉ  collections’s fathers

For her first editions, Marta chose Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, two Rome based architects. She admires their approach to design, their way of optimising use and space, their vision: “I selected almost all the pieces of the first collection from their archives. Their furniture are micro-architecture, with multiple functions and configurations, and I really felt they deserved to pass from unique or sporadic projects to pieces available on the market.

With Carl and Claudio it is as if I found a pencil to represent what I am dreaming of “. Thank to this collaboration, collections started to be completed, invented and ever evolving. Within only five years, Marta Sala Éditions includes more then 60 pieces, from all different typologies. For Marta, what is truly important is to create a new, recognisable, dense world that is loaded with identity, ethics and high-quality craftsmanship, with a touch of humour.

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